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Premantura is picturesque place located in Istria`s far south, which was already settled during Bronze Age. The long, narrow peninsula of Kamenjak gives Premantura its most recognizable characteristic. This peninsula is 9.5 km long and as wide as 1.5 km. Kamenjak is encompassed by a 30 km coastline dotted with numerous inlets and miniature beaches, and this primeval beauty is enriched with small islands which rise from the crystalline blue-green sea. The fascinating underwater world is particularly attractive for diving enthusiasts, since the long and indented coastline of the Kamenjak abounds in sites ideal for exploring and photography. From the little port of Premantura , excursions by boat to the nearest islands and lighthouses are possible. For those interested in "Robinson Crusoe" style holiday, a "get away from stress holiday", operating lighthouses are available as vacation rentals. A wide selection of genuine Croatian home-cooked food is a real challenge to gourmands, whether is modern, traditional, seafood, meat or vegetarian.

If you are in pursuit for peace and tranquility the best thing you can do is visiting the inland of Istria, discovering old village households and getting familiar with old way of life. Fresh air , silence and good home cooked food will be a real shock for some used to live in town, so be aware you might become Istra adict.
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